The Services of Repair Sharks is Quite Flexible

Flexibility is an area that has been particularly focused upon by Repair Sharks. It is quite evident in the way the firm carries out its business that they attach specific importance to this trait. Due to it, most non-warranty customers like to solicit their service knowing full well that everything will be transparent while dealing with them and they would not be charged any over-the-top fee for the service. This feeling of reassurance in the mind of customers can be a great boon for its services as word of mouth will always be in its favor. There are particularly some services offered by the company that is quite game-changing. Some of which are mentioned below.

  • Customers can easily procure spares or get them fitted – To offer flexibility to its services, spares can be procured from them with a flexible 30-day return policy for parts which are in resalable condition. People can buy from them and get them fitted as per one’s choice. Similarly, a customer may procure parts from any other place but the company can help in fitting it to the customer’s device. Although in this case, the 60-day warranty that is offered on the company’s spare parts is not extendable to the customer. But anyway, even getting a spare fitted by them can be quite a help.
  • Repairing is not at all mandatory – After a customer gets his device diagnosed for free through the company, it is not mandatory to get it repaired by them. They will share the status report and the probable cost of repairs, and that’s it. If a customer desires to carry out the repairs at some other place, he is free to do so without attracting any charge from the firm. This policy is very clearly stated on their site too. For more information, please visit repairsharks.com.

Due to all these flexibility in services, there is more inclination among customers to get their devices repaired by them.