Reasons to have your own e-cigaret unit

When you are smoking with your friends there wouldn’t be any issues to share a cigarette because by the time the smoke goes out of his system you would have already dragged in a couple of smokes and the chain follows. But, when you are into e-cigaretter, this may not be possible because of a lot of reasons which care explained below. Hence, there is a need to have to have your own e-cigaret unit.

The first reason is that the e-juices that are being used by your friends may not be of your choice and you may not able to keep the e-juices separately in your pockets and roam around for a unit. Hence, having your unit attached to your favorite e-juice is always a better option.


The next reason is that your friends may not like sharing their e-væske unit with you because they may feel that as their possession and also at times they would be scared that you may end up spoiling the unit which they would have invested quite a bit on.

It is always to have one’s own e-cigaret unit because that makes you classy and also that shows you have been into e-smoking for quite some time now but if you run around someone to borrow a cigarette unit from you may end up in a lot of awkward situations.

Having your own unit is safe and you can change the e-juices to whichever flavors you want to any point in time and this gives you the luxury of having the best drag ever. Along with this, you would not end up creating difference of opinions between friends because in any case, if the e-cigaret unit of your friend gets lost or breaks it can lead to a lot of misunderstanding as well.