CBD oil review: start here if you are new to this medication

The lack of proper information is what holds many people away. Since CBD oils are not strictly monitored by health experts there is a shortage of reliable information sources. If you are planning on taking cannabidiol, a complete CBD oil review is exactly what you need.

CBD oil and its uses

CBD oils are an extract of the cannabis plant that have found several medical uses. Though these are not certified medicines and a doctor won’t prescribe them to you, CBD oil review by user claim it to be very effective. These are mainly used to deal with anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma and sleep disorders.

How much you should consume

CBD doses vary greatly with individuals and also depend on the purpose for which these are consumed. Even though the intake should be increased gradually, here are some advised doses decided by considering CBD oil reviews:

Anxiety and sleep disorders:  50-100mg of daily, oral consumption.

Chronic pain: Upto 30mg of CBD. CBD oils with slightly higher(but less than 0.3%) THC content should be preferred.

Glaucoma: A sublingual intake of upto 40mg CBD, administered once per day.

CBD products and consumption methods

CBD oil review categorises the most prominent products as follows:

Ingestibles:  CBD oils are most commonly available as Ingestibles. Liquid CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD infused cooking oils and chewing gums fall under this category. CBD oils can be directly used by adding drops to eatables and also sublingually. These are most effective as CBD oils are directly injected in the blood stream.

Smokables: CBD is also marketed as smokable wax and as a ingredient in e-liquids. Smoking CBD oil has less potent but immediate effects.

Other conventional methods

  • Similar to nicotine patches, transdermal patches rank high amongst
  • best cbd oils.
  • Soaps, lotions and balms infused with CBD.