Big Diabetes Lie: A Guide to Healthy Living by Managing Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition associated with body’s inability to process blood glucose, commonly referred to as blood sugar. Thus, this is an impairment which is of three major types: Juvenile diabetes (Type1), Diabetes mellitus (Type2), and Gestational diabetes.

  • Juvenile diabetes patients are insulin-dependent because body fails to produce insulin in a natural way for which they need to depend regularly on artificial insulin.
  • Diabetes mellitus affects the way the body uses insulin. This type is most common. The body of the patient of this type of diabetes produce insulin but its response is not effective. This type has firm association with obesity and kidney disorders.
  • This is temporary condition observed in some women during pregnancy when body has less sensitivity to insulin.

The big diabetes lie

The big lie about diabetes

The big diabetes lie is that diabetes is curable. In fact, the statement can be matched for different diabetes types. Out of the three types, gestational diabetes is a temporary condition which ends after giving birth. The other two types are not curable but manageable. As we say, Diabetes mellitus patients have production of insulin in their body, but its ineffectiveness cause this condition. The patients are asked to avoid sugar-based foods and they take insulin injections to control their glucose-level from time to time. Juvenile diabetes is also a permanent condition because body doesn’t produce insulin at all.

Guide to manage diabetes

Here, we are not going to talk about the lie that people and manufacturers of drugs for diabetes tell. Big diabetes lie is your guide to health. This guide tells you about the ways to manage your diabetic condition for healthy living. You know that sugar is our source of energy which is necessary to perform our body functions and activities. You can manage your diabetes in an effective manner, if you follow the right things. Read reviews on hungryreview.com to live a healthy life despite diabetic condition.